CAPTEC Test and Tag

CapTec will monitor, schedule, inspect, test, tag and log your electrical corded items (including 3-phase)

Stay safe

STAY SAFE and prevent workplace accidents by ensuring your electrical corded items (electrical tools, leads, safety switches, battery pack chargers and appliances) are inspected, tested and tagged

Worker using electric item

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must have procedures in place to ensure all electrical corded items are regularly inspected and tested to ensure the workers carrying out work are electrically safe

Electrical items

It is important that all electrical corded items are tested and tagged by a qualified specialist in accordance with AS/NZS Standards relative to state OHS and WHS Regulations

Electrical testing

CapTec will come to where you are so that you do not have to spend time organizing items to be inspected. If more convenient for you, items can be dropped off or picked up by CapTec outside of your work hours.

Why test and tag

Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 's101. A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure that any unsafe electrical equipment at the workplace is disconnected (or isolated) from its electricity supply and, once disconnected, is not reconnected until it is repaired or tested and found to be safe or is replaced or permanently removed from use. Electrical equipment is unsafe if there are reasonable grounds for believing it to be unsafe.'

To ensure that Electrical Safety Regulations are adhered to, business owners should make sure the procedures below are followed:

  • Any electrical corded equipment, leads, power boards and safety switches be inspected and tested at intervals according to their class of work
  • A durable tag attached after inspection and testing to clearly show the test user, test date and standards used, and the next scheduled inspection and test date
  • Items that fails testing should immediately be taken out of use and a durable tag attached warning people not to use the item
  • New equipment - needs to be scheduled (e.g. notify CapTec when first used)
  • A log kept of all this information in case of audit or incident

How we can help you

CapTec Test and Tag will take care of all your test and tag requirements. We will:

  • Monitor all of your electrical corded items and remind you in advance, so that we can arrange when they are to be inspected again (i.e. for a new item, if you notify Captec when it is first used)
  • Inspect each of your items for any visual damage
  • Test each of your items, to make sure they are safe for you and your staff to use
  • Tag each of your items with a durable tag which has the required test information
  • Log each of your items so you have documentation to prove you have adhered to Electrical Safety Regulations in case of audit or incident.

Inspection intervals will depend on several factors including:

  • the environment in which it is being used (e.g. Construction - every 3 months)
  • the frequency of use
  • manufacturer's advice

CapTec follows the State Government's Electrical Safety Code of Practice for inspection and testing electrical corded items.

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